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Tesco Equipment operates from a 25,000 Sq. ft. Facility based in Coral Springs Florida.
Our long list of customers and their loyalty testifies to our capabilities as a manufacturer of specialized lift trucks. As a supplier of truck equipment for 65 years and standard and custom scissor lift systems for over 40 years, Tesco utilizes a Quality system based on individual employees being responsible for their assigned manufacturing processes and procedures. Each item is inspected for conformity and operational requirements. End product is then inspected again for functionality and specification requirements. Tesco design engineers build all lifts according to ANSI and SAE standards. Tesco is an approved vendor for the aviation market to such customers as Continental Airlines, Air Canada, Air Tran, Alaska Airlines, LSG Sky Chefs & Flying Food Group. Tesco is also a national supplier of municipal, industrial and commercial scissor lifts in a variety of applications.

Tesco has received repeat orders from the Boeing Company for lift trucks that have been supplied to the USAF and the Air National Guard. Our customer consistently report that our products are robust, trouble-free and meet or exceed their quality requirements. We have also been a long-term vendor to Federal Express, DHL and UPS, supplying aircraft maintenance lift trucks to these key players who dominated the air cargo industry.

With long-term relationships our quality is a known factor to our customers. Our key personnel are trained in and experienced with several leading quality systems including ISO 9001 series and AQAP certified systems. Those same skills and experience have been used to establish our quality program. Our quality system has been inspected and reviewed by various customers and third parties, including the Russian national standard board and found to be satisfactory for Russian importation and use.

Tesco also performs general fabrication and structural work.
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